A walk to remember

   One of the nice things about the small Village I live in is the lake it surrounds.


It’s a beautiful walk or run and works out to exactly 3.1 miles which is a 5K. I’ve run many a mile around this lake during various training plans for half and full marathons. I’ve started doing a lap each Sunday morning with my Wife not only to get some exercise but to relax and unwind. I forgot how much I had enjoyed going around that lake.

It will be interesting to see how much weight  I may have dropped to date at my Doctor’s appointment this Thursday. I know I have lost some as my clothing is fitting much looser.

Any weight loss aside I feel sooooo much better doing the plant based eating. I have a tremendous amount of energy and I have tried more new foods in the last three weeks than I have in my entire life. Things I had never even eaten before!


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