Well……I had my Doctor appointment this afternoon.

I go every three months for hypertension that I have had for a few years now. My blood pressure at this visit was 120/70 with a heart rate of 72. My wife and I have been on a Plant Based diet for almost one month now and my Doctor has taken me down to one blood pressure pill a day now from two. Here’s the interesting part…..

I have dropped 30 pounds!


You read that right. 30 POUNDS!

We have been doing the Plant Based eating and enjoying many new foods items and I haven’t regretted the switch once. I had noticed that my clothes were fitting much looser but when we started this I set a rule for myself that I would not weigh in at home at all. Over the years when trying to drop weight I caught myself getting discouraged when the scale would hit a stand still or I would fluctuate up a few pounds. Now I only have my weight checked every three months during my Doctor visits. We have found a ton of great recipes in the Forks Over Knives Cook Book and recommend this for anyone thinking of trying the Plant Based approach.

We march on happily!


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