I Hanker for a Hunk a . . .

Nothing. To tell the truth and it’s kind of weird.


This may be the first time I have changed my diet and not had any cravings for different types of foods. Usually I start to crave breads and cheese particularly sharp cheddar cheese. I have not had any of these cravings since we have started eating Plant Based Only.

The other day my Wife and I went shopping at a large local grocery store that has a fantastic section of organic foods and vegetables and I found myself getting hungry going through that section. I never in a million years thought THAT would ever happen to me. I have tried so many new things over the last 4 weeks that I keep finding new favorites. It’s amazing.

We are up to 3 miles three times a week in our mileage and on Sundays we do our long run/walks. This Sunday we are going to move to two laps around our lake which is 6.2 miles. We trudge on. 🙂


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