Gettin’ Juiced

Not the way I used to get juiced. In fact I haven’t had a drink in a month since we began this journey towards a healthier lifestyle. At my peak I was drinking a 30 pack of beer every two days and I justified it by the fact that I didn’t drive when I was drinking, or become a different person. Still the damage was being done to my health.

I stumbled across a healthy juicing program by Joe Cross of Reboot with Joe and definitely liked the looks of the juicing and all the proven benefits that go along with it.

We purchased a Breville Juicer and received it the other day. It arrived pretty fast and we decided to try it tonight.


This juicer is a GREAT model to use if you are interested in giving juicing a try. The gray container on the left side of the machine holds all the pulp neatly and the pitcher on the right obviously catches your juice.

We went with a recipe of the following:

   2 Cucumbers
   8 Celery Stalks
   4 Apples Cored
   16 Stalks of Kale (stems & leaves)
   1 Lemon peeled
   2″ piece of Ginger

This recipe makes quite a bit of juice and there was enough for both of us to have a good sized glass. I put a little bit of ice in mine to chill it down a bit.


This juice recipe is FANTASTIC! It has a nice taste of lemon and ginger. It carries a very fresh taste that is not at all over powering. This will be a regular staple for us I think.

If you are considering going or have gone Plant Based Only I would encourage you to give juicing a try if you haven’t already.


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