Mixing it up a bit

So we have been drinking that juice recipe once a day. One thing I changed on it was instead of adding one peeled lemon I have added one peeled orange. I prefer that taste better as I’m not really into sour stuff. Guess that’s just a personal preference.

I also ordered a couple of the juice glasses from Reboot with Joe. They seem like good cups to use and they are double walled so it won’t condense like crazy. I like to add ice to my juice mix to chill it down. We tried the glasses today and they work great!


I also had an interesting bit of health news pop up today for me. Since we have been doing this my blood pressure has been getting better. Today I am totally off all blood pressure meds for the last 3 days and my reading was 122/72. I’ll take that any day of the week. I use to run around 150/90 ON MEDS. Totally off all meds as of now and I’m 122/72. The only thing Charlene and I take each morning is a Vitamin B12.

Tomorrow we have our long run/walk of 6 miles. Looking forward to it. 🙂


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