The Thrill of the Hunt!

So we went Pumpkin Hunting this morning.

As my son Alex and I were hunkered down in our blind, the morning dew shining off the leaves, we spotted this big orange fella come lumbering along. He hesitated for a bit as I think he sensed something was amiss.

That gave us all the time we needed to make the harvest. It was over quickly. We were able to take him down with my trusty Spyderco PM2 and the vine was severed quick and clean.

We will gut him at home and roast the seeds of his unborn to eat. The rest will be made into a healthy pie or pumpkin pancakes with a recipe from Forks Over Knives. I will then mount the single antler from the top of him to a plaque which we will mount above our mantle as a tribute to his valiant fight.

Rest well magnificent pumpkin. Your work here is done.

Down 40 pounds since switching to a Plant Based lifestyle!



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