Feels So Good

Had a GREAT run yesterday!

Charlene and I went for a nice 3.1 mile run/walk around the lake yesterday. It was a bit cold but man did it feel good to be running again. We spaced it out with a run/walk pace and my knee felt terrific the entire time. It was great to have the cool air rushing into my lungs once again as I ran along. It’s been a few years and when I stopped running because of the knee pain it depressed me quite a bit.

Over the years I ran many 5Ks, Half Marathons, and Full Marathons and a lot of memories came back yesterday. Finishing my first 5K in Jamestown, NY, after losing 160 pounds in 2008, which was the Cummins Run for Literacy.


My first half marathon at Presque Isle in Erie, PA in September of 2008 with Henry Sypniewski who was a world record marathon holder at 92 years old!


At the start of the 2011 Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC which was the coldest race I’ve ever been in at 28 degrees with a brisk wind. Here we are at the start together in the north lot of the Pentagon. What a great event this was especially the ending where runners charge up the hill to the finish at the Marine Corp Iwo Jima Memorial.


Or coming across the finish line of the Cleveland Marathon at a full sprint because a fellow runner and I decided to race each other to the end during the final straight away. Also, hanging with the Penguin John Bingham at the Expo the day before the race.



Running has been a great part of my life and I’m grateful that I have been able to start once again. Running in different races you meet so many incredible people and hear so many stories of them overcoming adversity just to get to the start line.

It Feels So Good to be back.



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