Got Sick?

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been busy and then WHAM!

I got sick.


I felt it coming on the other day and I was really hoping it wasn’t true. The problem I have is typically when I get sick, which is only 1x a year on average, it knocks me down for a good two days.

I felt a good head cold, sore throat combination coming on and it laid into me pretty good late one evening. The funny part is I only had it for around 6 hours! Like I mentioned I’m usually down for a couple days but 6 hours and my body had cleared this out. I didn’t take any medication or anything else besides my usual dietary intake. In fact the only thing we take is vitamin B12 daily.

I honestly believe that eating and juicing the way we have for a few months has boosted my immune system so it knocked the crap right out of that bug.

Back to normal and on track once again. 🙂


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