In From The Cold

Now that the cold weather is here and the snow has started to fly a bit we have decided to come in from the cold.

Back when I was in High School and College, I ran track and cross country. I absolutely HATED running outside in the cold weather during the spring time for track and fall for cross country. The coldest marathon we ran was the 2011 Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC and it was 28 degrees with a brisk wind. I remember us standing in the north parking lot of the Pentagon near the start waiting to line up with a black garbage bag wrapped around our legs trying to stay warm. Simply put. . . . .we do not like running in the cold.


So we recently picked up a six month family membership at a local gym called Darwin’s Health Club. I trained over the winter of 2008 for my first marathon in there and ran quite a few 18 and 20 milers on the treadmills. The owner Ross is a great guy and gave us a really good price for the family plan so we signed up. Now, three days a week, we can get our runs in without worrying about twisting our ankle by slipping on ice or freezing to death like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining.


Things continue to go really good for us on the Plant Based Only approach. Stay the course my friends! 🙂


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