How do you help a friend?

Being on a Plant Based Diet you not only see, but feel the health benefits of avoiding processed foods, oils, & meat. What do you do when you see a friend or loved one eating greasy fast food or other junk? Do you care enough about them to say something? If so, how?


It can be a touchy subject for sure. While I don’t claim to be an expert my primary training in my career has been verbal communications and teaching. I have graduated from the FBI Hostage Negotiator School and like to think I know how to speak to people. You could offer them some of your meal, but typically the reaction will be to the negative. You are entering into what we call their “personal face”.

I remember when I was eating unhealthy and my usual excuse was I didn’t have time. The “Fast Food” option was legitimate because I didn’t make time to eat properly. I wasn’t allowing time for myself in my day to day life.


Naturally, when you broach the subject with a friend or loved one it can can an issue between you. People tend to take this as a criticism first, and not the true caring aspect that you intend to present to them. I’ve sat at both of my places of employment with individuals I consider friends and watched them put things into their most precious asset (their bodies) that they would be shocked if they truly know what it was doing to them. It’s easy to point that out or to sit here and say it and you even sound hypocritical.


My nature is typically to use humor in my daily life, so this makes it a bit easier. I’ve found if you decide to approach someone during lunch or dinner together it helps to utilize a bit of humor. Typically the person knows they are not eating healthy, but they do not want to be lectured. Instead, pick someone one day and bring extra of yours with you that day. Offer them lunch or let them try some of it. Tell them the day before lunch is on you tomorrow. Pick something they like and use a healthy recipe for it. Cover the bases with them.

Maybe you won’t get everyone. But maybe……just maybe you can help one person.


Isn’t that why we’re all here anyway?


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